Reading Revolution

Reading Revolution

At St Colmcille’s Girls’ National School, we’re passionate about reading. In order to become competent, independent learners, children need to be confident readers. During their time at our school, children will read and grow to love a variety of books. We hope to impart to them our passion for reading for pleasure.

This year our children have been busy learning in many different ways all about the 1916 rising. We have decided to honour this legacy by kicking off our own revolution – A Reading Revolution!

Starting on your child’s return to school after the Hallowe’en Break, each class will record the books read on a chart in class. Each week we will share with the school community our successes so far. Each child will receive a specially commissioned pencil with our statement of intent printed on it – St Colmcille’s GNS 1916 …we are launching a Reading Revolution. We hope that by reading together we will reach the magic number of 1916 books read in one term by one school!!!

We need your help.

  • Encourage your child to join our local library.
  • You can attend a parent information morning on how best to support your child to become a reader organised by our Principal Ms Burke Logue on Thursday November 10th at 1.30pm  with special guest Karen Scattergood, local librarian and organiser of Children’s Book Club in Sword Library!
  • You can read with your child, ideally three times a week or more.
  • You can encourage your child to change their reading book at school during our scheduled library visits
  • You can use our recommended reads list to find the right book for your child. These lists have been compiled from our favourite books and books we view as age appropriate. Feel free to use books from other year groups if you and your child would like a challenge. These book lists are available to read on our website
  • You can come to our annual Book Fair with your child and pick up books of interest.
  • You can take a picture of your child reading for the ‘Get Caught Reading’ display in our school foyer

Our mission is get our children reading, not just for work or research, but for enjoyment!


A spooky visitor comes to say hello!

Our annual visitor returned to St Colmcille’s G.N.S. yesterday and he ( for the children are sure it was a man this year!!) was on a mission! He had lost his broomstick called Henry and was on a desperate mission to locate it before the big event kicks off on Hallowe’en ! Some children were happy to help but most felt it was a job best left undone …Check out our fun photos below!

img_1332 img_1335 img_1336 img_1337 img_1340

Visit of storyteller Niall de Búrca

To say there was great excitement on Friday with the visit of celebrated storyteller Niall de Búrca is an understatement.He captivated our students and held them spellbound for the whole story telling session.

Niall is one of Ireland’s finest traditional storytellers. He was raised in Galway and displayed a talent for narrative from a young age. He is recognised for the diversity of his stories and an ability to  reach all ages.

It was wonderful for our students to see and enjoy this tradition especially in an age of so much electronic entertainment. All classes were equally captivated by Niall’s tales and enjoyed them thoroughly!

img_1326 img_1331

Maths Week October 17th – 21st

It’s Maths Week here at St. Colmcille’s GNS and as well as a myriad of inclass activities such as maths games, challenges, quizes and visits to the maths room,  we are also very busy developing our ‘Maths Eyes’. You can find out lots of information here on the official  website and  find lots more exciting ideas which you can do at home.

Here is some of the work we have completed – the girls have been very busy either creating the projects or being challenged by other classes work. We know it’s true : everyone has maths eyes, they just need to be opened.


Parent’s Association AGM – save the date!

The A.G.M. of the Parents’ Association of St. Colmcille’s Girls’ N.S., will take place on Monday, 24 October 2016 at 8.00 p.m. in the School Hall. There will be a short address by the school Principal, Ms Karen Burke Logue. Guest speaker Kerrie Mahon will be available to talk First Aid. Elections to fill the officer roles on the Parents Association Committee will also take place on the night. All welcome!


RSE week October 10th -14th

This week our school will be covering a module called Relationships and Sexuality Education ( RSE) as part of our ongoing Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE). The aim of the programme is to provide children with structured opportunities to develop their knowledge, attitudes, values, beliefs and practical skills necessary to establish healthy relationships as children and subsequently as adults. As a school community we acknowledge that parents have a pivotal role in the education of their children and most particularly in this aspect of the curriculum.

In order to familiarise yourself with the content of the programme we have sent home the language used and the topics covered with your child. The material covered will be delivered by the class teacher at all levels.

RSE lessons are an integral part of your child’s SPHE education. Children receive messages from television, advertising, videos, magazines and computers from their friends about this subject. Parents may not even be aware or, may not even like the messages their children get from informal sources. We believe that it is preferable that this information is presented accurately and sensitively by a professional educator.

Healthy Eating Week 26th-30th September

Last week was Healthy Eating Week in St Colmcille’s GNS and school came alive with the smells, tastes and textures of a busy neighbourhood market!   Every class engaged in some project to help us learn more about wellbeing, exercise and making healthy choices about food. We paid special attention to our food in school – our Lunchboxes!!!!

Everyone had super healthy lunches all week and much was learnt in class. To celebrate our new found knowledge, we held some fun events in each classroom.

Junior Infants had a tasting platter of a range of fruit and vegetables to enjoy and they brought along their teddies to start training them in early in healthy eating. Senior Infants made smoothies using all natural ingredients. First class made lots of healthy sandwiches with a choice of chicken, ham, roast beef or salad. Every girl got to eat her own creation. Second class made a wonderful array of fresh juices. In third class the girls made smoothies. Fourth class challenged themselves to try out new dips such as salsa and hummus which they paired with lots of fresh vegetables. 5th class engaged in the great Swords Sandwich Challenge where all styles and types of sandwiches were created. The Principal was called upon to judge the overall winner and this proved to be a very tough job as the girls were naturals in creating the ultimate sandwich. In the end fun prizes were awarded such as a banana and a tomato– the girls learnt that having fun and really laughing is also part of a healthy lifestyle. Sixth class held an Avoca style breakfast complete with porridge, toast and avocado, natural yoghurt and fresh fruit and granola with chia seeds and berries.

We were also really lucky to have nurse Claire talk to us during assembly about nutrition and awareness of salt and sugar content in regular and snack foods. The girls learnt so much about the hidden salt and sugar content in food and nurse Claire answered lots of very interesting questions.

The girls were so inspired by their learning that lots of fabulous art work was created such as fruity faces and vegetables printing. Well done to all for such a fantastic week!

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