Healthy Eating Week 26th-30th September

Last week was Healthy Eating Week in St Colmcille’s GNS and school came alive with the smells, tastes and textures of a busy neighbourhood market!   Every class engaged in some project to help us learn more about wellbeing, exercise and making healthy choices about food. We paid special attention to our food in school – our Lunchboxes!!!!

Everyone had super healthy lunches all week and much was learnt in class. To celebrate our new found knowledge, we held some fun events in each classroom.

Junior Infants had a tasting platter of a range of fruit and vegetables to enjoy and they brought along their teddies to start training them in early in healthy eating. Senior Infants made smoothies using all natural ingredients. First class made lots of healthy sandwiches with a choice of chicken, ham, roast beef or salad. Every girl got to eat her own creation. Second class made a wonderful array of fresh juices. In third class the girls made smoothies. Fourth class challenged themselves to try out new dips such as salsa and hummus which they paired with lots of fresh vegetables. 5th class engaged in the great Swords Sandwich Challenge where all styles and types of sandwiches were created. The Principal was called upon to judge the overall winner and this proved to be a very tough job as the girls were naturals in creating the ultimate sandwich. In the end fun prizes were awarded such as a banana and a tomato– the girls learnt that having fun and really laughing is also part of a healthy lifestyle. Sixth class held an Avoca style breakfast complete with porridge, toast and avocado, natural yoghurt and fresh fruit and granola with chia seeds and berries.

We were also really lucky to have nurse Claire talk to us during assembly about nutrition and awareness of salt and sugar content in regular and snack foods. The girls learnt so much about the hidden salt and sugar content in food and nurse Claire answered lots of very interesting questions.

The girls were so inspired by their learning that lots of fabulous art work was created such as fruity faces and vegetables printing. Well done to all for such a fantastic week!

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