Rock your Socks – Friday May 19th!

On Friday May 19th WE’RE GONNA GET FUNKY’ here in St. Colmcilles G.N.S. in aid of Diabetes Ireland.

Later this year Ms. Moloney, one of our Junior Infant teachers will embark on a journey to reach the roof of Africa by climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. In undertaking this trek and raising money for this charity she hopes to positively impact the lives of many young children who suffer with Type 1 diabetes through further educating young people about the disease, raising awareness of the symptoms and making a contribution towards further research for a cure for this lifelong condition.

On this particular day we’re asking all girls to be as creative as possible with their socks with the slogan Rock your socks. We’re thinking colourful laces, tie-dye, pom-poms, feathers, sparkle…you name it….the sky’s the limit!! More ideas taken from posters around the school grounds, from class teachers over the coming days or found on our website.

We’re asking for a donation of €2 or whatever you can for funking up your feet and by doing this, it can hopefully signify our support in stepping with Ms. Moloney all the way to the top of the 5,895m summit.






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