Introducing our new Deputy Principal – Miss Ann Marie Keenan

I am delighted to be introduced to you as the new Deputy Principal of St. Colmcille’s Girls’ National School.

I have been a member of the teaching staff in the school since 2005. During a five year career break, I travelled extensively and spent three and a half years teaching in Melbourne, Australia. I returned to St. Colmcille’s Girls’ N.S. in 2016. I currently teach Junior Infants.

I am privileged to hold the position of Deputy Principal in our school and I am committed to working collaboratively with students, staff and parents in the future.

RSE Week

On the week of the 9th to 13th of October  our school covered a module called Relationships and Sexuality Education ( RSE) as part of our ongoing Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE). The aim of the programme is to provide children with structured opportunities to develop their knowledge, attitudes, values, beliefs and practical skills necessary to establish healthy relationships as children and subsequently as adults. As a school community we acknowledge that parents have a pivotal role in the education of their children and most particularly in this aspect of the curriculum.

In order to familiarise yourself with the content of the programme we sent home the language used and the topics covered with your child. The material covered was delivered by the class teacher at all levels.

RSE lessons are an integral part of your child’s SPHE education. Children receive messages from television, advertising, videos, magazines and computers from their friends about this subject. Parents may not even be aware or, may not even like the messages their children get from informal sources. We believe that it is preferable that this information is presented accurately and sensitively by a professional educator.

Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books

Ms Cushen’s 5th Class are participating in Battle of the Books which  is a reading incentive program designed to encourage students to read quality literature.  The class are reading The Irish Civil War 1922-23, Ava’s Diary by Patricia Murphy.  They will be participating in many activities in relation to the book and the author will be visiting.   At the end of January the girls will participate in a table quiz.

RTE visit

RTE dropped by our school this morning to film our 6th class Marathon Kids in action and to talk to them about their involvement in this amazing fitness initiative supported by Fingal County Council and Dublin City Council.

Please tune in to RTE Junior news today at 4.20pm to follow their progress!

Zeeko Internet Safety and Parent’s Association AGM

Our Parent’ Association will be hosting its’ AGM and our school will be hosting an Internet Safety Day on Wednesday October 11th.

During the regular class day children from 2nd up will partake in a 45 minute session with presenters from Zeeko, an Internet Safety/Research unit based in Nova UCD.

The people who work at Zeeko are concerned about the negative impact the internet can have on young people’s lives and their belief is that through education young children can be empowered to protect themselves online.

As part of the preparation for Wednesday the children from second class upwards have completed an online survey. Results of this will be presented to parents at the parent seminar on Wednesday October 11th in our school hall at 7p.m.

The Parent’s Association AGM will also take place on the night.

We urge all parents to attend. Feedback from parents who have attended this event in the past have found it to be most informative, beneficial and worthwhile.

Healthy Eating Week

Another very successful Healthy Eating Week was held in St.Colmcilles GNS last week with a number of fun and exciting activities held in all classes based on keeping active and  promoting good nutrition for growing and developing and staying healthy.

It was a great opportunity to revisit our Nutrition Policy and to generate discussions with the children about what constitutes a healthy diet and to get them interested and excited about the food choices that they make. We discussed why certain foods are not allowed in our school such as chocolate, sweets ,biscuits (including plain, chocolate and breakfast), buns (including muffins) ,winders, chewing gum ,yogurt ,frubes, fizzy drinks, energy drinks, popcorn, crisps ,dips/dippers ,cereal bars ,cakes, nuts ,flapjacks and sandwich bars.

A healthy diet and regular physical activity can stabilise energy, sharpen the mind, and improve mood, allowing children to maximise their potential both inside and outside of school, and it does not need to be difficult.  There are lots of great resources online that can help you with recipe ideas, here are a couple that we have found: /  Cooking healthy food with your children is also a great way to spend time with them and to get them interested in food.

We hope that you enjoyed having conversations with your children about what they were doing in school during Health Eating Week, and thank you, as always, for your continued support.