Important information re school concert

The anticipation is mounting here at St Colmcille’s GNS, ahead of our school concert on April 16th and 17th. Our students and teachers have worked exceptionally hard in preparing for this and we are all excited to take part in our first ever evening concert!

I am delighted to announce that your tickets have arrived. Please find enclosed your tickets and this information letter to ensure that you and your child will get the best out of this performance.

Here is a list of considerations for your attention:

Before the concert : Rehearsal Sunday, April 15th

 Sunday is a long rehearsal day for 4th and 5th classes. Please drop your child off at 12pm and pick up at 6. Please send in a substantial packed lunch with your child – performing is a hungry business! Your child is to come dressed in her show clothes unless outfits are provided by the school. Your child’s class teacher will make this very clear to your child.

2nd, 3rd and 6th classes are to be dropped off at 12 and picked up at 1.15pm.Your child is to wear her smart Colmcille’s uniform – pinafore, shirt, cardigan, black tights and black shoes. These are the clothes your child will perform in at the real event also.

Rehearsing demands full attention – therefore parents are not invited to stay.

A teacher will be with your child at all times

On the night:April 16th and 17th Concert Itinerary and pick up:

 Show starts at 7.30pm in St Colmcille’s Boys’ Schools

Children who are performing are asked to arrive at 6.15pm – your child has been assigned a class room in the boys school. A teacher will be present at all times.

Doors open to parents at 7pm. Everyone seated by 7.20pm please!

Running order of show

Monday 16th Tuesday 17th
Introductory act : 6th class violin recital of Ode to Joy Ms Lineen’s class Introductory act : 6th class violin recital of Ode to Joy Ms O’Brien’s class
Irish Dancing spectacle: 2nd class – Ms Mills Irish Dancing spectacle: 2nd class – Ms E O’Brien
Act one Three Musketeers:5th class are involved on both nights


Part 2  3rd class singing – Ms McMonagle’s class Part 2  3rd class singing – Ms O’Connell’s class
Act Two Three Musketeers:5th class are involved on both nights



Pick up:

All children are to be collected at the show’s conclusion ( approx.9.30pm) from the class that they have been assigned. Your child will be made familiar with this at the rehearsal and will be given the class number. Signs on the night will make you aware of this also.

You must inform your child’s class teacher before you collect your child.

Protocol during the show

 In addition, in order to heighten the experience for you as a listener and for the students as performers, I would like to remind you of the following points of concert etiquette:

  • Plan to arrive on time. It is important that everyone is in their seat at 7.20pm to ensure a prompt start. If you do happen to be running a little late, please wait and enter between performances.
  • When students are performing, we ask you to give them your undivided attention. Try not to talk during performances.
  • Remain seated so as to avoid any extra noise or distraction.
  • Please turn off your mobile phone.
  • Please pick up promptly ( approx.. 9.30pm)

Important information re photo/image recording

  • A professional videographer will record the show for which consent has been sought. Therefore video recording by parents is not permitted.
  • We understand that you may want to take photos of your own child for your own personal use but we request that these images are not distributed or put online.
  • Be courteous while taking pictures. Flash photography is strongly discouraged.

 Car Parking

We will have a full cohort of teachers  and assistants present on each night, therefore there will be no parking available in the school grounds. Please plan accordingly.

Thank you in advance for helping make the students’ experience the best possible. I know that you will be proud of their work. We certainly are!