Science Week

Each year it is with bated breath that we await one of the most vibrant, fun-filled and educational weeks of the year: Science Week! It is true that Science is part of every week in St.Colmcille’s GNS but Science Week brings everyone together from children and adults, to scientists, engineers and technologists and is designed to spark curiosity, inspire imagination and unleash the potential that can help shape the future. So every year we make an extra effort to go Science crazy for a week and this year was no different – it was all systems go throughout the school!

The week got off to a flying start with 3 D Printing Dublin conducting a fascinating workshop with 5th and 6th class. The girls learnt all about the different uses of 3 D printing in such diverse areas as forensics, prototyping, dentistry, medicine and more. They were fascinated to see the range of materials it was possible to print in – from plastic to glass, ceramics to metal and even gold, silver and bronze!

A Marine Litter Education Workshop funded by Fingal Co Council was conducted in 3rd class. It was a fascinating exploration of the wonders of the underwater world and the impact litter has on that environment.  We had a visit by a marine biologist who worked through the problems caused by litter and possible solutions to help keep this environment safe for all marine life .This was facilitated by group work and afterwards the girls designed and decorated their own reusable fabric bags.

The noble art of Falconry was celebrated with all classes from Juniors to 4th class. The idea was education through experience – as a number of trained falcons, hawks and owls were brought on site as well as falconry equipment such as gloves, hoods, telemetry, jesses and leashes. The birds were tethered to perches and the viewing area was cordoned off with a rope. Each bird was then placed on the falconer’s glove and an information talk was given on type, origin, diet, age etc of each bird. A display was then held with a trained owl flying through some volunteer teachers outstretched arms!

A number of very interesting talks by two of our parent volunteers took place – Nutrition by PJ Fitzpatrick was delivered to Senior Infants and Microbiology by Ann O’Brien (lecturer in Killester College) took place in 4th class. Ann even left her microscope with 4th class for a week so they could continue work on some mould samples when she had left! We thank our parents most sincerely and see great value in fostering good home/school links.

We also love to foster links with local secondary schools and our 5th classes were delighted to be invited to Fingal Community College to visit their Science Fair. It’s always lovely to say hello to some past pupils !

We had a visit by scientists from Trinity College Dublin who conducted a number experiments for our 3rd classes. Chris and Megan, our friendly scientists, took the girls through a series of experiments based around sound and electricity.

A jam packed week was made even more exciting by a design and make competition. We were overwhelmed by the standard of entries and have been inundated with compliments from visitors as they drop by and see the work on display. Winners will be announced shortly…

Special thanks to Ms O’Connell and her team ( Ms Enright, Ms Lineen, Ms McEneaney and Ms Murphy) for organising such a fun event.



Science Week 2016

A series of wonderful events were held in the school to celebrate Science Week 2016 in style! The week kicked off with an engineering based workshop, Learnit Lego. The 5th and 6th classes built their own crocodile and programmed it to make noise and snap its jaws. All fingers survived thankfully!

Junior Infants up to 4th Class went on a trip to space! An inflatable mobile planetarium took over our PE hall. Here the children learned about our planet in space.

A local scientific company, MSD, came to 6th Class to do a workshop and demonstration with the girls. Scientists from Trinity College Dublin visited the 3rd and 4th classes to show them some of the fun experiments they do!

Many experiments were done in all the classes throughout the school with classes visiting other classes for station group work.

The week concluded with an exciting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) challenge. The children, in groups of four had to construct a spaghetti tower that could support a marshmallow using only 20 pieces of spaghetti, masking tape and string. The children were times and after thirty frantic minutes the standing towers were measured. Some towers did not survive! The winners in the junior end of the school came from Ms. Campbell’s first class and the winners from the senior classes was Ms. Lineen’s sixth class! Congratulations girls!

Huge thanks to Ms. O’Connell and Ms Burke Logue for organising all the events! Science Week was a great success!

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