Enrolment Policy


St. Colmcille’s Girls’ N.S. is an all girls’ Catholic primary school operating under the rules, regulations, prescribed curriculum and funding of the Department of Education & Science and under the patronage of the Archbishop of Dublin.


St. Colmcille’s Girls’ National School is a welcoming and inclusive community under the patronage of the Archbishop of Dublin. As a Catholic school in partnership with parents, teachers and parish, we seek to create a community inspired by Gospel values which are enshrined in all school policies, practices and attitudes.

The R.S.E. and Stay Safe programmes are in operation in the school.

The following is our ENROLMENT POLICY formulated in accordance with the provisions of the Education Act 1998.

1. Equality of access and inclusiveness are the key values which determine the enrolment of children in our school. We respect all ethnic backgrounds, special educational needs, disabilities, languages, family/social circumstances, religious/ political beliefs, those with traveller status and those with refugee/asylum-seeker status.

2. Parents wishing to enrol their child in St. Colmcille’s Girls’ N.S. are requested to complete in full an Enrolment Application Form during the last week of January of the year of commencement. Applications on behalf of Catholic children must be accompanied by an original Baptismal Certificate. All other applicants must provide an original Birth Certificate. Proof of address i.e. current original utility bill, is required from all applicants.

3. Applicants to our school must be at least 4 years of age before the 1st of September of the year of commencement.

4. In the event of the number of applicants exceeding that of the available spaces, the following order of acceptance will apply:
(i) Catholic children living in the parish and sisters of children currently attending the school.
(ii) The children of the present Staff.
(iii) Catholic children living outside the parish who have no Catholic school in their own parish.
(iv) Sisters of boys currently enrolled in St. Colmcille’s Boys’ N.S.
(v) Other children (non Catholic) who are living in the parish.
(vi) Catholic children from outside the parish.
(vii) Other children applying from outside the parish.
Within any of the above categories, enrolment in order of age will apply in the event of an excess of applications in any given year.
(viii) All other applicants will be considered at the discretion of the Board of Management.

5. Parents/guardians will, unless it is impracticable to do so, be informed of the result of their daughter’s application on or before 31st of May of the year of commencement.

6. Other pupils may be enrolled during the school year if newly resident in the area – subject to school policy, available space and in some cases the approval of the Department of Education and Science.

7. There is a visitation day for prospective infant pupils and parents, usually held in June of the year of commencement.

8. Children with special needs will be resourced in accordance with the level of resources provided by the Department of Education and Science to the Board of Management.

9. Children enrolled in our school are required to adhere to the Code of Conduct of the Board of Management and to all of the school’s policies.

10. The Board of Management places responsibility on parents/guardians for ensuring that their child co-operates with the aforementioned policies in an age appropriate manner.

11. Failure to disclose relevant information about a child or the provision of false information will negate any offer made by the school authorities to enrol that child. Parents/Guardians will be obliged to re-apply on a new Enrolment Form which will be reconsidered by the Board of Management.

12. The Department of Education’s Rules for National Schools and all modifications thereto apply.

2017 Junior Infant Enrolment Application Procedure

Please Note: The school will hold an Open Day on Monday, 16 January 2017.

All are welcome to call from 9:00 a.m. to 10.45 a.m.

Enrolment Week 2017: Monday, 23 January 2015 to Friday, 27 January 2017.


Applications can be filled on site or taken away but must be returned to School Office on or before  Friday, 27 January 2017.

Please ensure that this Enrolment Application form is fully filled out and signed by both parents.

Parents/Guardians will be informed of the result of their daughter’s application as

soon as possible.

Please Note:
Your application cannot be processed without:
a) proof of address i.e. a current original utility bill
b) Birth and Baptismal Certificate
Please make sure that these items accompany your application form.

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