St Colmcille’s Girls N.S. Swords

Board of Management Report

Monday 6th March 2017

  1. Update on School Activities
  • Classes from 3rd– 6th continue timetable for masses
  • 3rd class started violin
  • Irish dancing, drama, 3rd class swimming continues
  • Gaelic football back after Feb mid-term with a match in the Fingal League already underway
  • Fingal League – Athletics
  • All after school activities have started back after mid term
  • Junior Achievement Programme continues
  • Junior and Senior Activity Hour continues
  • First Penance took place on Monday 6th February
  • Garda Talk to 5th classes – February 9th on role of Gardaí in the community
  • Stay Safe Week – 6th to 10th February – all lessons taught
  • Gym Week – 13th to 17th February
  • Safer Internet Day – Feb 9th, resources & websites on online safety made available to all classes
  • 5th class variety show – excellent
  1. German Language Workshop

        The Deutschmobil is organized by the German Embassy in Dublin and the Goethe-Institut Irland. It is part of the wider campaign GermanConnects to support and promote the German language in Ireland.  Our 5th and 6th class girls were offered an introductory lesson in the German language as well as a workshop exploring German culture.

  1. Operation Transformation – Operation Transformation invited every Primary School in Ireland to take part in the largest junior group exercise to EVER take place in Ireland and we are up for the challenge. On Friday the 10th at 10 am all the girls took part in a mass physical activity break. Check out the classroom workout developed by Operation Transformation’s fitness expert Karl Henry on – maybe the girls would like to try it out at home too!
  1. 4. Credit Union Quiz – Well done to the girls who took part in the Credit Union Quiz on February 5th, and thanks also to the teachers.
  2. Stay Safe Week – This is a primary school based approach to the prevention of child abuse. The aim of the programme is to reduce vulnerability to child abuse and bullying through the provision of a personal safety education programme for children at primary school level. The programme seeks to enhance children’s self-protective skills by participation in lessons on safe and unsafe situations, bullying, inappropriate touch, secrets, telling and stranger danger.
  3. 6. Variety Show – The 5th classes with the help of Gerry our Drama teacher, wrote and acted a variety show. Congratulations to all the girls for a fantastic show.
  4. The next Board of Management meeting will be on the 26th of April 2017.

St Colmcille’s Girls N.S. Swords

Board of Management Report

Monday 30th January 2017


  1. Update on School Activities
  • Table quiz
  • Christmas concert at each class level
  • Violin concert 4th,5th and 6th
  • Irish Dancing concert 1st class
  • Visit of Santa: whole school
  • Christmas Carol Service: whole school & Parish Carol Service
  • School reopened on Monday January 9th
  • Classes from 2nd – 6th continue timetable for masses
  • Anti- bullying first week back – all lessons taught incl cyber bullying
  • GAA training -1st term only
  • Irish dancing, Drama, Violin, 4th class swimming started back
  • All after school activities have started back
  • Junior and Senior Activity Hour continues
  • Enrolment Week beginning January 23rd
  • Confirmation meeting with Parents in School Hall January 24th
  • Road Safety Initiative – Garda support
  • Fire Drill took place 25th January
  • Scratch taking place in 4th and 5th


  1. Anti-Bullying Week

Took place from January 9th to January 13th.  Children spent the week discussing strategies to undertake and who to talk to if a problem may arise.

We continue to make bullying everyone’s business.  We believe everyone should be empowered to address bullying.  Firstly everyone needs to be able to understand and identify bullying.  Our Anti-Bullying Code addresses all these issues in a simple 5 step process:

Be kind to everyone

Play together and stay together

Friends mind each other

We call unkind actions or words bullying and SAY NO TO BULLYING

Tell someone you trust that you are being bullied. Keep telling until someone helps you

  1. Road Safety Initiative – 16th – 20th Jan We implemented a very successful road safety initiative with the help of our local Gardaí and your cooperation and goodwill, we have seen a real improvement in safety at pick up and drop off times. We hope these good practises continue.  We thank you sincerely for your cooperation and we will be working in the weeks ahead with all stakeholders to explore options which help improve safety around our school.
  2. 4. Fruit on Friday – A large delivery of fruit comes to the school on a Friday morning and with the help of our Parents Association fruit is washed, prepared and chopped and platters are delivered to each of the classes.
  3. Open Morning took place on Monday Jan 16th. Parents of girls currently attending our school &  parents of new girls enrolling visited class rooms to see all the activities & great work done by our pupils and staff.  Thanks to our Parents Association for providing refreshments!
  4. The next Board of Management meeting will be on the 6th of March 2017.

St Colmcille’s Girls N.S. Swords

Board of Management Report

Monday 5th December 2016



  1. Update on School Activities
  • Swimming continues – 5th classes
  • Camogie – 2nd and 3rd classes
  • Tennis – finished up for this term on 24th of November.
  • Visit of the friendly Witch- October 24th
  • Parent/teacher meetings of November – 16th and 23rd November
  • Parents Association AGM – October 24th
  • Open Morning– plans in progress January 16th
  • Enrolment week –January 23rd to 27th
  • Cake sale and raffle – 2nd December (big thank you to the Parents Association)
  • Table Quiz – December 7th
  • Orchestra/Violin – Christmas Show Dec 13th
  • Irish dancing – Christmas Show Dec 14th
  • Nativity Plays/Christmas concerts – all classes performing
  • Santa Visit – 20th December
  • Carol service @ 9am – 22nd December
  • School Collection St Vincent de Paul 12th, 13th and 14th Dec


  1. Reading Revolution update:

Newsflash: We are officially bookworms! Since the children have returned to school after the midterm break, we have not only reached our target of reading 1916 books – we have exceeded beyond measure. Four weeks in and we have read close to 4,000 books. We have had wonderful conversations about what we read, we have made recommendations to our friends and inspired others to read books they may never have considered.  All classes have been rewarded with special journals to note any inspirations they had while reading – and these journals are shared among classes so we can all be challenged and inspired! Well done to all the girls and to their teachers and parents for all the encouragement.

  1. The celebrated storyteller Niall de Búrca visited the school on Friday 21st Oct. He captivated our students and held them spellbound for the whole story telling session.  Niall is one of Ireland’s finest traditional storytellers. He was raised in Galway and displayed a talent for narrative from a young age.  He is recognised for the diversity of his stories and an ability to reach all ages.  It was wonderful for our students to see and enjoy this tradition especially in an age of so much electronic entertainment.
  2. There was a sea of blue jerseys and great excitement in St. Colmcille’s G.N.S. as Dublin player and All –Ireland champion Paul Flynn brought the Sam Maguire Cup to visit our school. The girls gathered in the middle yard to welcome Paul who proudly carried the famous ‘Sam Maguire Cup’ through the doors of St. Colmcille’s GNS and out onto the yard.  Silence descended as Ms. Burke Logue welcomed Paul and warned him to be extra careful doing the lap of honour with the cup as some Mayo teachers would like to get their hands on Sam for good!
  1. Visit by local librarian : Many thanks to local librarian, Karen Scattergood who visited our school to give a fantastic talk on how best to support your child to become a reader. Karen holds a monthly book club in our local library in Swords where the children are encouraged to share their love of reading while discovering new and exciting titles in the world of children’s literature.
  2. 21st Nov. was Gym Week at St. Colmcille’s GNS. The hall was set up with all our gymnastics equipment and all classes were timetabled to take part. Children worked at their own pace during this week allowing for individual differences in each who participated. Gymnastics can provide children with a number of physical benefits, regardless of the child’s age or ability. Gymnastics will increase strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination. Children learn balance on the beam, as well as power when they vault. The bars and rings encouraged them to lift, swing and move their bodies in new ways.
  3. On Friday 18th Nov. our 4th class girls and their teachers attended the Annual Art, Craft and Design Exhibition in Fingal College hosted by their transition students where they had many fantastic opportunities to get stuck in and create art! The girls took part in a number of workshops including cupcake decorating, ink printing in lino, 3D printing and woodwork etching leading to designing a keyring.
  4. A huge thank you to our fantastic Parent’s Association who gave us all a day to remember on Friday with our Annual Cake Sale and Monster Raffle. The excitement was palpable from early morning as queues formed to buy raffle tickets and busy children helped their parents drop off freshly baked goods.  It was a wonderfully successful day. It is a very important fundraising event in the PA’s calendar but it is much more than that, it is a day that celebrates the school community in a vibrant, inclusive and hugely enjoyable way.
  5. The next Board of Management meeting will be on the 30th of January 2017.



St Colmcille’s Girls N.S. Swords

Board of Management Report

Monday 17th October 2016



  1. Update on School Activites
  • Swimming continues – 6th classes
  • GAA – 2 x first and 1 second class
  • Orchestra /violin – continues
  • Irish dancing – 1st class Christmas concert & Snr Inf end of year show planned
  • Tennis – second and third classes
  • Athletics – First league run on Thursday 20th Oct in Donabate
  • After school activities – speech and drama, art, German, tin whistle
  • Start of school year mass – Sept 26th
  • Enrolment Sunday 25th September for girls making their communion in 2nd class
  • Fire Brigade Talk to 3rd and 4th classes
  • Garda Talk to 5th classes
  • Parents Association AGM – 24th October


  1. Fruit on Friday – A large delivery of fruit comes to the school on a Friday morning and with the help of our Parents Association fruit is washed, prepared and chopped and platters are delivered to each of the classes.


  1. Healthy Eating week 26th – 30th Sept

Every class engaged in some project to help us learn more about wellbeing, exercise and making healthy choices about food. We paid special attention to our food in school – our Lunchboxes!!!!  We held some fun events in each classroom.


We were also really lucky to have nurse Claire talk to us during assembly about nutrition and awareness of salt and sugar content in regular and snack foods. The girls learnt so much about the hidden salt and sugar content in food and nurse Claire answered lots of very interesting questions.  The girls were so inspired by their learning that lots of fabulous art work was created such as fruity faces and vegetables printing. Well done to all for such a fantastic week!.


  1. Maths Week – maths trails and maths eyes October 17th – 21st


Maths week was a great success at St Colmcille’s GNS. Many activities were planned such as maths games, challenges, quizzes and visits to the maths room.  The girls were also involved in developing ‘Maths Eyes’ – there is lots of information on the official website :


Please check out our school website to see photos of the projects undertaken by our girls!


  1. RSE Week 10th -17th October – We covered a module called Relationships and Sexuality Education ( RSE) as part of our ongoing Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE). The aim of the programme is to provide children with structured opportunities to develop their knowledge, attitudes, values, beliefs and practical skills necessary to establish healthy relationships as children and subsequently as adults. As a school community we acknowledge that parents have a pivotal role in the education of their children and most particularly in this aspect of the curriculum.


RSE lessons are an integral part of your child’s SPHE education. Children receive messages from television, advertising, videos, magazines and computers from their friends about this subject.  Parents may not even be aware or, may not even like the messages their children get from informal sources. We believe that it is preferable that this information is presented accurately and sensitively by a professional educator.


  1. Visit by 5th class to Swords Library for story telling session (European Tales)


As part of the Children’s Book Festival 5th class visited Swords public library for a story telling session by celebrated international storyteller Patrick Ryan called “Wide-Eyed Stories from Where the Sun Sets”

According to legends, some say “Europe” got its name from a Phoenician word that described the land where the sun set. Others say it was the name of a beautiful wide-eyed Phoenician Princess who was kidnapped by a magic white bull.

Patrick has travelled extensively around Italy, Germany, France and Spain. He shared different folk tales, nonsense stories and spooky stories far north Norway and Sweden via Germany and Switzerland in the middle to France and Italy in the south.


  1. Congratulations to the amazing amount of pupils who achieved full attendance for the 2015/2016 school year! Each girl was rewarded with a voucher for Easons.  We were very impressed with the amount of sisters receiving the award. Well done girls!


  1. The next Board of Management meeting will be on the 5th of December 2016.

St Colmcille’s Girls N.S. Swords

Board of Management Report

Monday 19th September 2016

  1. Update on School Activites for the new term

Monday 29th August – Staff Planning Day

Tuesday 30th August – Start of school Year

Tuesday 13th September – Do This in Memory Programme: meeting with parents

Start of School Mass – Friday September 23rd

Classes from 2nd – 6th continue timetable for masses

Anti- bullying first week back – all lessons taught including cyber bullying

GAA training, Irish dancing, drama, 6th class swimming, tennis all started back

  1. Máirt Macnamhach – St. Colmcille’s GNS prides itself on being a health promoting school. We have a very successful Healthy Eating Policy which was developed with the support of parents and children. We promote physical health and exercise with a wide range of sports activities available throughout the school year.We are expanding on our health focus this year with a new initiative called Máirt Macnamhach (Meditation Tuesday). This takes place on the first Tuesday of every month. Instead of homework or screen time, children take part in an activity that places particular emphasis on family interaction. Suggested activities include baking, going for a walk, board games, phoning a favourite relative, or simply sitting down to a family meal. The children are very welcome to take photos to display on our notice board.We are hoping that in a world where everyone is rushing around, children will see that their families and their school really value the life skill of slowing down and spending time on the simple important things in life.
  1. Junior and Senior activity hour continues.
  1. Orchestra for pupils started back on September 12th and the Parents Orchestra started back on that date also. If any parent or grandparent is interested in learning violin classes are on Mondays at 8.50am.
  1. Road Safety Week took place 12-16th of September.

We had a very successful Road Safety Week at St Colmcille’s GNS. This is always a very well observed week where lots is learnt as children do not always have the skills to stay safe in traffic. Young children often cannot see past cars and they don’t have the experience to judge the speed and distance of a coming car. During the week lots of work was undertaken on staying safe while road sharing – whether on a bike, in a car, walking, running or otherwise using the road. Children learn about road safety by watching others – parents are the best road model for children! Make sure you always set a good example!

  1. The next Board of Management meeting will be on the 17th of October 2016.

Annual Report

Board of Management of St.Colmcille’s GNS, Swords 2015/6

A new Board took office in December 2015

Chairperson (Patron’s Nominee): David Begg

Patron’s Nominee: Fr Michael Cleary

Community Nominee: Darina Egan

Community Nominee: Brian O’Brien

Parents Representative: Stephen Lam

Parents Representative: Rose Mary Kearns

Teacher Representative: Orla Daly

School Principal: Karen Burke Logue

The Board met formally on 7 occasions during the year. Members of the Board visited the school on many occasions and were involved in many of the initiatives and activities which were undertaken in 2015/6

Retirement of Ms Elaine Greaney, Treasurer of the Board of Management

Ms Elaine Greaney retired as Treasurer of the Board of Management in December 2015. She became a member of the Board of Management of St Colmcille’s GNS in 1996. She has been a very supportive Treasurer and has overseen great improvements in the fabric of the school. We thank Elaine for her great contribution to our school community and to the Parish of St.Colmcille, and wish Elaine and her husband Tony all the very best for the future.

Staffing Schedule 2015-6

St. Colmcille’s Girls’ National School has a population of 421 girls at the end of the school year 2015/2016. We have a staff of 16 class teachers, 5 LSRT (Learning Support and Resource Teachers) – one shared, as well as an administrative Principal and Deputy Principal. The school also has 3 SNA’s – one full time and two part time. We have a full time secretary and caretaker.

Career Break: Ms Sarah Grealis, Ms Liz Kelly

School Inspector: Mr John White

Child Protection: Designated Liaison Officer: Karen Burke Logue

Deputy Designated Liaison Officer : Mary Downey

Child Protection on the agenda at every Board meeting as per guidelines. Child protection Policy reviewed annually and on display in every classroom.

Attendance: Reports issued to the National Education Welfare Board.

Overview of the School

St. Colmcille’s Girls’ National School is a Roman Catholic School under the Patronage of the Diocese of Dublin. We are a vibrant school community, which fosters inclusiveness, spirituality, individuality, difference and the development of all our talents. We pride ourselves on the atmosphere of mutual respect and an expectation of the highest standards of behaviour, of work ethic and of personal achievement. We strive to allow each student become the very best that they wish to be, while empowering them to meet the challenges of education and of life.

Initiatives and Achievements

  • Drama Production of ‘A Triumph of All Sorts’ by 5th class
  • Irish Dancing performance for Open Day by senior infants and first class
  • Violin Concert at Christmas and end of year by 4-6th classes
  • School wide ceílí performed in the yard – all classes performed a traditional irish dance
  • Seachtain na gaeilge concert performed in halla – all classes performed. Special performance from Ms Fox’s irish dancing group and Ms McMonagle’s tin whistle group
  • Proclamation Day celebrated with parents association and Board of Management. All classes engaged in indepth projects on various aspects of 1916 and these were exhibited in the school for parents to view.

Visit by the friendly Hallowe’en witch!

  • Christmas Concerts in each class and Carol Singing in the church
  • Annual cake sale organised by the Parents Association
  • Jolly Holly Headpiece fundraiser
  • Trócaire fundraiser
  • Involvement with Localise – community outreach to develop citizenship
  • Swimming for 3rdto 6th classes
  • GAA league
  • Discover Science and Maths Award achieved for first time
  • A very successful science week including a visit from the mobile planetarium, a robotics workshop and talk and demonstrations from scientists
  • Winner of north Dublin Credit Union quiz
  • Outings and Excursions
  • Participation in Fingal athletics league
  • Visit from Paul Flynn with the Sam Maguire Cup
  • Participation in Junior Achievement Programme
  • Participation in Dragon’s Den in Hertz Headquarters with high praise from the Dragons!
  • Piloted Scratch programming in certain classes
  • Piloted SALF assessment folders in second and fourth classes
  • CAPER Reading Programme in first class
  • Fruit on Friday – fresh fruit in the classes once a week.
  • A very successful Sports Day and a visit from the ice-cream van.

Along with these major events every class in the school undertook some really beneficial and interesting educational projects.

National Education Psychologist Services/Educational Psychologist: Ms Nollag Carberry

Beginning of school year Meeting and Consultation with Learning Support Team

Educational Psychological assessments

Review of assessments

Training in Continuum of support

After School Activities on offer included:

  • Art
  • French
  • German
  • Irish Dancing
  • Athletics
  • Gaelic Football
  • Choir
  • Orchestra
  • Tin Whistle
  • Speech and Drama

Whole school Evaluation:

  • A whole school evaluation was undertaken by the DES during May 2016. Mr John White DES Inspector met with the BOM, the teaching staff and the Parents’ Association and oral feedback was given. The written report was very complimentary and the BOM is very pleased that the great work which is being done in the school was recognised formally by the DES.

School Improvements undertaken by the Board

Installation of a disabled access bathroom to ensure compliance with Health and Safety Regulations ( funded by DES)

Installation of a disabled access ramp to ensure the school is fully wheelchair friendly

Installation of a bike rack

New carpets in rooms 15 and 16

Soundfield system installed in two classrooms ( Funded by DES)

Two new photocopiers (funded by BOM)

New Boundary fence constructed in Junior Yard

Skip hired for clear out of gym storage area

Gym storage area painted

Fund raising events

Cake Sale

Jolly Holly Headpiece

Sports Day

Policy Development

RSE policy

SPHE policy

Critical Incident Policy

Child Protection Policy ( annual review)

Safety Statement

Anti bullying Policy ( annual review)

Phone Policy

Protocol on Summer Camps

Protocol on After School Activities

Parents’ Association:

The Board of Management is very appreciative of the contribution of the Parent’s Association to our school. The Parent’s Association were involved in the following initiatives during the school year:

  • Welcome coffee morning on the first day back for the new Junior Infant parents
  • A Cake Sale which yielded 1,685 euros
  • Dissemination of Information relating to Open Day
  • Production of newsletters throughout the year
  • Organisation of rota and fruit preparation for Fruit on Friday
  • Help with the running of the Book Fair
  • Organisation and hosting of reception for parents back at the school post communion and confirmation and also at our Graduation Mass
  • Sponsor of treats for the choir post confirmation and funding of flowers for liturgies
  • Organisation of Talks during the school year such as transition from Primary to Post Primary and Building a child’s self esteem.

We really would like to see a representative from each class for next school year on the PA board in order to disseminate information more readily and also to garner volunteers for events.

Sacramental Preparation

Confirmation and Communion were very special this year. Both ceremonies were dignified and prayerful and the girls rose to the occasion to make them both very special occasions for all involved. We would like to thank Fr. Michael and Sr. Margaret for their continued support and guidance.

Curriculum Development

Curricular Areas reviewed – English, Irish, Maths, History, Visual Arts,SESE Drama.

In curricular areas we continued work on Comprehension Strategies in Literacy as well as focusing on cloze tests and dictionary skills and in Numeracy we focused on Problem Solving and the language of maths. We also began to review science and reviewed and updated our policy.

Reading Corners were developed in each classroom to promote and foster a love of reading.

New Maths equipment was purchased which added to our considerable maths resources. We continued to develop maths trails and took part in Maths Eyes.

We pioneered student self evaluation in assessment through SALF folders ( student assessment Learning Folders).

We piloted Scratch computer coding.

Our overall school wide test results in the Micra T and the Sigma T reflect very well the national norms and we have pinpointed our areas for growth next year with regards to Literacy and Numeracy.

The Board confirms that:

The school accounts have been audited and verified by external auditors Mc Inerney Saunders Accountants. The Board of Management at the meeting of June 13th 2016 approved them.

The Board has met its’ obligations in respect of Child Protection and Anti-Bullying Procedures

The Board of Management has reviewed Standardised Test Results and Pupil Attendance during the course of the year.In concluding our Annual Report for 2015/6, the Board of Management thanks all members of our school community for their continuing support and co-operation.

St Colmcille’s Girls N.S. Swords

Agreed Report Of Board of Management

Monday 13th June 2016



  1. Fruit on Friday continues every Friday morning
  1. Hip Hop and basketball classes are ongoing and are great fun for the pupils.
  1. Junior and Senior activity hour continues.
  1. School sports day took place on 30th of May. It was a fantastic sunny day and was an excellent success.  The ice-cream van arrived as a treat for all the pupils and so far €6901 has been raised.  Thanks to all the pupils and parents for their support with sponsorship for this event.
  1. We were delighted when the Discover Science and Maths Award was awarded to St. Colmcille’s GNS for the first time. A special assembly was held to appreciate and celebrate the hard work undertaken to achieve this award.  We are now busy working on further experiments!

Discover Primary Science and Maths is the national programme to foster interest in science, maths and engineering among children in primary schools.  Participating schools carry out a range of science activities in the classroom and are also encouraged to undertake additional explorative activities and projects.  An Award is available to schools that go beyond basic participation and carry out a range of additional explorative activities. Our girl’s excelled in all areas and we are very proud of their achievement. Next year we are dreaming bigger!

  1. The Trocaire Collection raised €1505.05 – thanks to all for your generosity as always!
  1. Whole School Evaluation – A whole-school-evaluation (WSE) of teaching and learning took place in our school in May 2016. During the WSE, provision for English, Irish, Maths and Visual Arts was inspected. Inspectors observed teaching and learning in ten mainstream settings and four support-teaching settings. Furthermore meetings with staff, Parents Association and Board of Management were organised and a selection of parents and pupils in the school were surveyed. The draft report has been issued and is an excellent reflection of the continuous great work undertaken by staff and pupil.  One of the key findings is …’the quality of teaching and learning is very high underpinned by well-structured lessons and a focus on active pupil engagement. Consequently, pupils present as very content learners, undertaking their work with diligence and enthusiasm.’
  1. The Confirmation and Communion took place in April/May and was a great success. The girls were very well prepared and really enjoyed their day. Special thanks to their teachers Ms R.O’Brien and Ms Lineen as well as Ms Murphy and Ms E.O’Brien.  Thanks to the 5th class girls for providing the choir and to Ms Cushen, Ms McEneaney and Ms Daly for their musical guidance! Refreshments were held in the Hall afterwards for parents and pupils.  Thanks to the Parents Association for organising this.
  1. Miss O’Brien’s 6th class recently took part in a very exciting Dragon’s Den in the offices of Hertz here in Swords. Students worked in groups with volunteers to put business plans and advertising strategies together for their fictitious companies.  These were then presented to a panel of ‘Dragons’ with each group winning a specific award. The ‘Dragon’s were particularly accomplished – the Head of Hertz Europe, the Head of customer service and the financial controller of Hertz all took part.  It’s not normally so easy to impress these masters!  However our girls left the Dragon’s gobsmacked and the school received lots of compliments about our accomplished students afterwards with particular praise reserved for their presenting and debating skills! Well done girls!
  1. All the pupils school tours have been organised & are taking place throughout the month of June.
  1. The pupil’s reports will be sent out on 16/6/2016.
  1. School will reopen on Tuesday 30th August.
  1. The next Board of Management meeting will be on the 19th of September 2016.

St Colmcille’s Girls N.S. Swords

Board of Management Report

Monday 25th April 2016



  1. The Bookfair took place from April 18th – 22nd. There was a wide selection of books available to suit all ages. Books and stationery were on sale before and after school for the week. Thanks to the Parents Association and teachers for their help in running this event.
  1. Fruit on Friday continues every Friday morning as part of our healthy eating policy. We hope the girls are enjoying nature’s bounty!
  1. Anti-bullying week continues to be observed at the start of every term, all lessons including cyber bullying were taught after the Easter Break.
  1. Violin – Classes for pupils and Parents started back on April 4th. Violin lessons are available free of charge to parents on Wednesday mornings from 8.50am – 9.30am new members are very welcome.
  2. The girls are enjoying their hip hop and basketball lessons very week. All other afterschool activities have recommenced following the Easter Break.
  3. Junior and Senior Infant activity hour continues. This is a great opportunity for parents to help out in their child’s class with rotating activities.  This is a school/parent partnership and is a great support to the pupils and teachers.
  1. The school football team and athletics teams took part in Fingal League and made great improvements on last year. Huge thanks to the teachers and congratulations to the pupils on their performance.
  1. Standardised Testing: The Drumcondra Spelling Tests took place on the 21st of April. The MIST (Middle Infant Screening Test) took place on the 12th of April. These give a picture of aspects of a pupil’s performance and their learning strategies in functions which are related significantly to their learning.
  1. Discover Science & Maths Awards – The Discover Primary Science and Maths Programme (DPSM) is part of the Science Foundation Ireland Education & Public Engagement Programme, which aims to increase interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) among students, teachers and members of the public. DPSM originated in 2003 with the aim of introducing primary school students to science in a practical, hands-on, enjoyable and interactive way. St Colmcille’s Girls have completed and submitted an extensive log of evidence as part of the awards process. Fingers crossed for all involved and we wish everyone the best of luck.
  1. The next Board of Management meeting will be on the 13th of June 2016.

St Colmcille’s Girls N.S. Swords

Agreed Report

Monday 7th March 2016


  1. Fruit on Friday – A large delivery of fruit comes to the school on a Friday morning and with the help of our Parents Association fruit is washed, prepared and chopped and platters are delivered to each of the classes.
  1. SSE School Self Evaluation is an ongoing project. The evaluation of Science continues with the children’s and parent’s questionnaires being analysed at present.
  1. Safer Internet Day on February 9th was observed. Resources and websites on online safety were made available to all classes.
  1. Credit Union Quiz – The first round took place on the 7th of February in Fingallians. The girls took 1st place and we were incredibly proud of them. They scored an amazing 52 out of 60! They were then through to the next round which took place in Parnell’s GAA club in Coolock. The girls came in 2nd place with another brilliant score! They were then through to the final which took place in Tullamore, Co. Offaly. The team put in a lot of work practicing quiz questions at lunch time each day and brushing up on their general knowledge. The girls did St. Colmcille’s G.N.S. very proud in Tullamore and scored a fantastic 87 out of 100. Congratulations to the pupils who took part.
  2. Science Week took place 22nd – 25th February – A series of wonderful events were held in the school to celebrate Science Week, the week kicked off with an engineering based workshop, Learnit Lego. The 5th and 6th classes built their own crocodile and programmed it to make noise and snap its jaws. Junior Infants up to 4th Class went on a trip to space! An inflatable mobile planetarium took over the PE hall. A local scientific company, MSD, came to 6th Class to do a workshop and demonstration with the girls. Scientists from Trinity College Dublin visited the 3rd and 4th classes to show them some of the fun experiments they do. The week concluded with an exciting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) challenge. The children, in groups of four had to construct a spaghetti tower that could support a marshmallow using only 20 pieces of spaghetti, masking tape and string. The children were timed and after thirty frantic minutes the standing towers were measured. Huge thanks to the teachers involved in organising all the events.
  3. Junior and Senior Infant activity hour continues. This is a great opportunity for parents to help out in their child’s class with rotating activities.  This is a school/parent partnership and is a great support to the pupils.
  1. 1916 Celebrations – Plans are underway to celebrate the 1916 Centenary. 5th Class will be performing a play “Triumph of all sorts” on Monday 14th March at 1.30pm.  On the 15th of March we will have our Proclamation Ceremony attended by the Board of Management and members of the Parents Association.

The 4th, 5th & 6th Classes will be singing Amhráin na bhFiann and the tin whistle group will perform the music for the raising of the flag.

  1. Legacy of 1916 – We will be launching a Reading Revolution where we hope to encourage the pupils collectively to read 1916 books. We will have photographic displays and recommended reading lists, and book drop also. More information to follow in April.
  1. Seachtain na Gaeilge – All classes are learning a traditional Irish dance for our Ceili Mór which will take place on Friday 11th March. All classes will either perform a song or a poem at our Ceolchoirm on Friday.
  1. Stay safe week ran from 8th – 12th February – all lessons were taught at all class levels. Parent discussed topics at home with the pupils and signed worksheets.
  1. The Garda came to speak with the 5th classes about their role in the community.
  1. The next Board of Management meeting will be on the 25th of April 2016.

St Colmcille’s Girls N.S. Swords

Board of Management Agreed Report – February 2016


  1. 1. The Open Day took place in January and was a great success. Prospective parents were treated to a performance of Irish Dancing, a recital by the tin Whistle class and a Violin Recital by the pupils. Thanks to the Parents Association for their great work delivering leaflets in preparation and for refreshments on the day.
  1. SSE School Self Evaluation is an ongoing project. School Improvement Plans on Literacy and Numeracy have been updated and work is being done on a new area of the curriculum Science.  Many thanks to the pupils and parents of the targeted classes for their feedback and of course to the teachers.  Congratulations to the pupils taking part in the Discover Science & Maths Awards.
  1. The Schools Anti-Bullying policy was reviewed and is available on the schools website. The principal reported that Anti-bullying week continues to be observed at the start of every term and the Anti-bullying code is an active part of the school day.
  1. Orchestra recommenced for all pupils and parents. It is a fantastic opportunity for the children to have 1 hour after school tuition free of charge.  Parents are encouraged to take the opportunity of learning Violin with lessons for parents on a Wednesday morning at 8.50am.
  1. Junior Achievement Programme – Junior Achievement Ireland is a non-profit organisation that serves young people through its partnership with business and education. There is a range of programmes available covering subject areas like maths, science and enterprise. Its purpose is to educate and inspire young people to gain a deeper understanding of the opportunities their education provides, and to gain a new level of confidence in their own abilities in core skills like working in groups and effective communication.  Classes from 1st to 4th participate.
  1. Junior and Senior Infant activity hour continues. This is a great opportunity for parents to help out in their child’s class with rotating activities.  This is a school/parent partnership and is a great support to the pupils.
  1. SEAI Workshop – On Wednesday 27th January, Swords Library hosted a workshop by SEAI (sustainable energy authority of Ireland). This workshop focused on energy awareness in a fun way. Ms O’Connell’s 3rd Class attended
  1. 1916 Celebrations – Plans are underway to celebrate the 1916 Centenary. The pupils are engaged in a history project which will be displayed in the hall and parents will be invited to view.  5th Class will be performing a play “Triumph of all sorts” and parents will also be invited to watch this.  On the 15th of March we will have our Flag raising ceremony attended by the Board of Management and member of the Parents Association.
  1. Health & Safety – A new code was devised by the staff in the event of an incident occurring at the school.
  1. A Holly Jolly Hairpiece Fundraiser was held in December for a pupil to get much needed equipment for their home. The Board of Management thanked Parents and Pupils for taking part and raising €1002.59.
  1. The Treasurer presented the end of year accounts to the Board of Management. These accounts which were examined and checked by the Board’s independent accountant are kept on file in the school.  A copy of the accounts has been forwarded to the school patron for review.
  1. The next Board of Management meeting will be on the 7th of March.